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The German TLD (Top Level Domain) .de is one of the world's best known domain endings and is already registered about 15 million times. Therefore the possibilities of choice getting more limited in the future. To be popular with a good domain is getting increasingly hard. Especially proper names are already occupied since many years.

Exactly here is positioning itself. Here you have the opportunity to register your desired domain.

Well known subdomains as, or have already shown, that the importance for companies is increasing too.

You have the opportunity to complement your domain-portfolio and to protect your name or brand with the domain.

There is no local presence recuired for the domain ending This is allowing you to showcase your brand and web presence in Germany also from other countries. is already recognized globally and is used in many countries.

Your opportunity!

The relaunch makes it possible to register your desired name with the ending which maybe is already occupied as a .de domain.

Without limitations!

There are no special limitations for domains so that they could be registered directly. Everything is running automatically and is handled in real time.

PremiumPlus domains for 99 € per year!

Our PremiumPlus domains are i.a. only up to 5 characters long and involve known dictionary terms.

Register now for free and take a profit of the advantages on

  • Premium domains from 12 € per year
  • Webspace packages from 0,99 € per month
  • No setup fee
  • Fast servers and dynamic content
  • Top customer service and phone support
  • Desired Domains can be secured directly

We look forward to you!

Registrate here webhosting is always fast and reliable. Free business cards and forwarding’s - Webspace starting at 0,99 € per month.

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